About Stip Students platform

Stip Students Platform (in Dutch “Stip Studentenplatform”) is a nationwide platform, established in the year 2012 on the initiative of five local student-organizations. Ever since, Stip has expanded its mission to provide empowerment, peer-coaching and guidance on a national level to pupils, students and young professionals.

Stip as an organization believes that everyone in our society is valuable. We want people to believe in their future. This means that everyone should be appreciated, recognized, and have a sense of belonging. As Stip we are strongly committed to realize a Netherlands that embraces diversity and
inclusivity. We see our students not just as students, but as the role-models who will create that better society and inspire the next generation to do the same. Therefore, we encourage our students and professionals to actively contribute, participate and reflect on their education, career and society and focus on their self-development. We pursue this by focusing on the personal, professional, academic, spiritual and moral development of our students and professionals.

We do this by organizing many different projects. One of these projects have high school or college students acts as a coach for younger students in a buddy system (mentoring program). The buddy systems create opportunities for the coaches to support their pupils with their school homework and try to discover their talents in order to set milestones for their future career and more. If you are interested in this project and you want to know more about this or any of our other projects, you can find more on the project section of our website.

You can also contact us with all your other questions via our ‘contact page’